Free Medical Clinic

In August of 2011, the Scott Christian Care Center opened a free medical clinic thanks to Dr. Tom Kim of the Free Medical Clinic of America. His family taught him to follow the example of Christ and become a light to the world. While practicing in Knoxville, Dr. Kim was moved to action when he saw the needs of the uninsured, and he founded the Free Medical Clinic of America. Since then, he started three free clinics in the surrounding areas including the clinic at the Center.

The Free Medical Clinic at Scott Christian Care Center seeks to provide basic medical services to individuals who lack any access to medical insurance. This Clinic is a free clinic and there is no co-pay, charges for exam or lab work.

Clinic Services:

  • At this time, the clinic does not provide routine physicals (such as CDL, DOT, school, etc.) and immunizations such as flu shots.
  • This clinic does not treat any emergencies.
  • The clinic does not have a pediatric doctor and does not treat children less that sixteen years of age
  • The clinic does not dispense any medicines. Filling prescriptions is a patient responsibility.
  • This clinic does not prescribe any narcotics.
  • This clinic does not have mental health or dental services.
  • The clinic does not provide any birth control.

Eligibility Requirements:

1. No medical insurance.

2. American citizenship or have a “green card”.

3. Photo ID.

Clinic Hours:
Wednesdays - 10 AM – Until the last patient is seen (By Appointment Only)

Due to the physicians being volunteers, once the last patient has been seen, the doctor's time of service is over for that day. However, walk-ins can make appointments for the following week.

List of Volunteer Staff:
Dr. Kim
Dr. Swindell

Floyd Hutson
Susan Swindell