Stories & Testimonials

These are stories & testimonies written and shared by those who come to the center for help...but recieved even more than they expected...

January 2014

Sharing your testimony with someone and how it affects them is so amazing. Both of the doctors here at the center will do just that. One of the patients shared her experience with me.

She came to the clinic with many health concerns. She did not want to share with the doctor about a few health issues that she had. As the doctor began to talk with her and share his testimony she began to open up to him. She had never had an experience like that before. She felt very comfortable and had the sense that the doctor truly cared about her. She said it made her care about what she needed to do for her health.

When the doctor shared his testimony it opened a "hole" up inside of her. He "warmed" her heart. She says that she now wants to tell everyone her testimony and share what the Lord has done for her. She wants to be able to help others get to know Jesus and to let them know that someone does care about them. She said that she actually went into a County jail and could share her testimony to some of the young women who were incarcerated. She is hoping to become a mentor to some of these ladies.


February 2014

The more time that I spend with some of the patients at the medical clinic I have become aware of the needs that each individual has. Having a place that they can come to for medical needs as well as medications and health awareness gives them much hope.

We have been working with a woman who is indigent and homeless. She has been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. She has high blood pressure and hypertension. She has no medical insurance and cannot afford to get her much needed medications. If she does not take these medications, serious problems will arise.

While she is here at the clinic the Doctors and nurses, as well as other volunteers continue to assist her with her needs as well as minister to her about Jesus. She was also given a bible that she uses daily. She says that she has found a church in the area that "feels like home." She enjoys attending church and she enjoys talking about what the Lord has done for her. She believes that the Scott Christian Care Center has been an answer to her prayers.


February 2014

A young woman who really felt like she was "at an end" with no hope and was definitely seeking the Lord. She came into the clinic after recovering from breast cancer. She had no income and was living in a hotel with her boyfriend. She had no transportation and no food. A very low time in her life.

When she came to the clinic she was able to talk about her needs and see the love of God. She was given a bible and it was clear that she was searching. She was invited to a local church that day. The next few weeks she went to the church along with her boyfriend. The Lord was doing a work there. She was attending that church with that bible and just a few weeks later her boyfriend got SAVED!!!!!!

They both are still attending church and starting to become more involved. Such beautiful creatures opening up to the love of God.


March 2014

This is a beautiful story that puts a smile on my face.

As I was sitting at the computer, one of the patients had entered the waiting room with a huge smile on his face. He stood right in the middle of the room and said, "Guess what I just saw?" "I seen the Lord." What he had seen was a picture of Jesus in the hallway. This story just reminds me that it is such a blessing to have something to say about the Lord.

He told me that he likes to draw. He asked, "Can I please draw a picture of Jesus to place in the lobby so that it can bless others?" I am waiting on that picture but I know that it will be a blessing to me as well as others.


April 2014

As I read the applications of the individuals who apply for the food and household pantry, my eyes are filled with tears and I have to immediately pray for these families. On the application there is a question that ask the applicant to "briefly describe their situation".

For the month of April, I have seen a number of people who are getting laid off from work or getting their hours cut back considerably. It was already hard for them to support their families and now with these cut backs it is even harder.

Other individuals who are on disability and don't have enough to support their family. One mother is disabled and has medical needs. Her insurance doesn't cover the full cost of her prescriptions. Plus, she has a lot of doctor visits each month. These cost add up and take all of her money. So she doesn't have enough to buy the groceries that her family needs.

I am thankful that the Center can help people with some of their needs. While doing this, showing them God's love. That is one of our greatest gifts given to us from God, LOVE!


May 2014

For the month of May 14 new families have had to use the food pantry. I have seen three (3) individuals come for assistance who are homeless. They have moved here from other areas. One says that she lost everything that she owned. I am seeing more divorced and single mothers. They say they just can't make ends meet. One of the single mother is a RCNA at the local nursing home. She says that with her work hours being cut back and since school is out for summer break, it is just too hard to buy food. Her son is not getting the meals that are provided by the school and she is trying to provide them.

I thank God that the Scott Christian Care Center can be a place for these families to see His love!


May 2014

There are many resources available at the Scott Christian Care Center. We have an individual who has been able to benefit from some of these resources.

She is a gardener who is a participant of the Grow Appalachia program.

Her husband works but the income is just not enough to be able to afford health insurance.

She has been a patient at the clinic as well as with physical therapy. When she started physical therapy she could not raise her arm. She is now starting to get some range of motion. The pain in her shoulder is also starting to decrease. She is very grateful for the care that she is receiving.

We knew that she was going to need some assistance with her garden. Since her shoulder was still in some pain and the range of motion was still not where it needed to be.

A teenage mission team was organized and went to help her with her garden. They tilled the garden. Planted, hoed and weeded. They picked cherries from her cherry tree. They also washed all of her garden benches. She was so overwhelmed with gratitude. She cried with joy. She could see that the Lord had provided this service for her.

She has a very close relationship with the Lord. I enjoy getting the time to sit and share with her during          her time here at the Center. She is an encouragement to me, as well as others here at the Center. It is funny how you try to bless someone and you are the one who ends up getting blessed!


May 2014

The services of the food pantry are much needed. The increase of families has grown in the past few months.

Most recently a single mother came for the services of the household and food pantry. She was very humbled that she had to ask for assistance. You could see the shame that she was feeling. As she began to share her story my heart went out to her.

She is a nurse who works at the nursing home for several years. The nursing home has cut back her hours as well as other nurses. One of the nurses is down to 12 hrs. a week.

As her food bag was being prepared she was given a bible. Tears filled her eyes. She asked if we would remember her in our prayers. There is power in prayer. I can't wait to see what the Lord is doing in her life.


June 2014

I am amazed at how God puts people in your life to use as His hands and feet. Or, how He uses them to send you a message of His love.

A woman, who was new to the area, came to the Clinic in need of her medication refills. Her daughter lives in the area and under some circumstances she recently moved here from Florida. She did not have a place to live, so she slept in her car in her daughter's driveway. She began to share her story with one of the nurses. God put this woman's story on the nurse's heart.

The nurse began to pray for this woman. As the weeks passed by, she continued to use the services of the Center. She fellowshipped with the women at the Center. Her self-esteem began to build and things started happening. She finally got into an apartment! She shared with us how she was using boxes for furniture. She did not complain about her circumstances, not one time. She knew that God was blessing her.

The nurse continued praying for her. She had spoken to a few women from her church about the needs of this woman.

This woman came to the Center yesterday. She was in tears for the gratitude she had in her heart. You see, this nurse had brought her a dining room set, two twin beds, and some dishes! There are more things coming her way. The woman knew that these blessings were from God.

It is so amazing how God works through us!


July 2014

It is a great privilege to see God doing work in others' lives. It is also a joy to watch as they respond to God with the changes that He is making in their lives.

A young couple in the area started using the free medical clinic. The couple began to see God at work at the center and in their lives.

They have shared that they are now back into church. They have their own little bible studies each afternoon on their front porch. They also encourage others in the community that are in need.

As the woman began to seek after the Lord and she continued to self-exam herself. The Lord began to convict and bring to her attention the language that she was using. I had to chuckle as she shared this with me. She said she wanted to change the words and language that she was using. She knew that the Lord was dealing with her about this.  So her solution was:  "every time I say a curse word, I just knock myself in the head."


July 2014

A mission team from-Griffin, GA came to the-C-enter for one week and volunteered many hours to the food pantry, gardens and renovation of the building. Some of these men and women took their vacation time to help with many of the needs here at the Center. A new roof was put on the building. Landscaping was done just outside the kitchen door. This will be used to plant herbs and vegetables for use in the kitchen. Several families were given assistance with food and household items.

What affected me the most was the testimonies that were shared in those few days. Building those relationships with others is rewarding. Seeing God's hand. Having others who pray.


August 2014

Even the young volunteers at the Center want to share and show God's love.

20 backpacks filled with school supplies for the students returning to school this month were donated by some local missionaries. A young girl had been volunteering at the center during her summer break. She was aware that these backpacks had been donated. As she returned to school she had another student in her class that did not have a backpack. Some of the other kids had been making fun of this student and she felt "left out".

The young girl asked the other student if she would like to have a new backpack. The students face lit up. Upon returning to school the next day, the young girl took the backpack to the other student. JOY! Is what the young girl seen.

As the young girl shared this story she said it was all because of the love of Jesus!


August 2014

One of the participants of the Grow Appalachia program is also one of the physical therapy patients at the center. One of her main complaints was shoulder pain. She was having trouble even lifting her arm.

She loves to crochet, garden, can her vegetables and make jellies. As the gardening season approached she was in a lot of pain with her shoulder and it was making it difficult to accomplish the things that had         to been done. Even harder to enjoy the things that she loved.

The county fair is always a special time for-her. She has always made entries into different categories of         the fair and has always enjoyed this. She started to get discouraged with all of her shoulder pain. Even wondering if she would be able to make the entries.

She is a strong woman of faith. As she continued with her physical therapy, everyone continued praying for her condition.

During her therapy the pain began to decrease and she was able to start crocheting again. She began to enjoy her garden. She also was able to make about 80 entries into the fair booths. She won 22 Blue ribbons which is first place, 22 Red ribbons which is second place and 20 White ribbons which is third place. It was such a joy to see the smile on her face as she brought her ribbons into the center. She said the only way that she could have accomplished this was because of the Lord. She raised her hands up high and said, "Thank you Jesus!"


September 2014

A young expecting father came to the clinic in need of diabetic insulin and insulin needles.  His ALC result was 11.8.  He had been diagnosed with diabetes but could not afford his medication or the supplies that he needed. His insulin was going to cost him hundreds of dollars for one-month supply.  He did not have any medical insurance and did not have a job.

A few months prior to this young man coming to the clinic someone had made a donation of the insulin that he needed.  The doctor and the nurse were able to counsel with this young man.  He was given the much needed medication along with some supplies.  He was also helped with a prescription assistance program that will allow him to get his medication and supply at little or no cost.

The young man has brought back a praise report, “He has a job!”  He will be working with the railroad as he waits for his new baby boy to be born. 


October 2014

We had a new patient this month that really sticks in my mind. He is a recovering addict and is working hard in his recovery. He is currently unemployed, but looking for employment. He is also uninsured and has been diagnosed with diabetes. He was referred to the Clinic by one of his counselors from his recovery program.

Both the Doctors and the nurse have been able to minister to him. They have also been able to get his diabetes under control and help him with some of his diabetic supply.

Prayers for this man began, as the seeds were being planted.

During this time, another resource approached him about some insulin that they were able to give him. He said that it was much more than he needed. As a result of this, the man wants to give back to the clinic. He wants to start volunteering and helping others in any way that he can.


November 2014

A patient came to the Clinic for a medical appointment today. When he was singing in on the appointment list he said, "Today is my birthday!" But when I looked into his eyes to tell him "Happy Birthday", his eyes were full of tears. He went on to explain that his wife of ten years had left him at 4:00 this morning. He was not having a very good birthday.

As the nurse checked him in, the patient began to open up to her about what had been going on. As he talked to the nurse and to the doctor they both had a chance to minister to him. After seeing the doctor, the patient tried to have a smile on his face.

Dr. Kim told the patient to wait on him for just a few more minutes and he would take him to lunch to celebrate his birthday.

Dr. Kim was showing this man LOVE!


November 2014

One of the patients who receives medical care and medication assistance of the program became severely depressed during the holidays. She has no family anymore. She recently lost her brother and her mother on different occasions. That has made this year's holidays difficult for her. She felt alone and left without any hope.

I believe that this woman was at her end. She had left a message on the answering machine that really was disturbing. She sounded distraught. She said, "I just want you to know that I won't be needing help anymore."

We began trying to reach out to her. We started by trying to reach her by telephone. She would not answer or return any of the calls. We placed a "well health" check up on her at her home. She seemed thankful that we had. She talked openly with us about what had been going on with her. She also shared some of most difficult struggles.

Having a place where she feels safe and comfortable, which has been the Scott Christian care Center, has helped her through these difficult times. She has since stopped by the Center just for fellowship and prayer. She shared that she knows we are praying for her and she is grateful. I feel that seeds are being planted.


December 2014

The week before Christmas the doorbell rang at the center.  There stood a gentleman that was a patient of the clinic and had used some of the other services offered at the Center.  I had not seen this gentleman for several months.  His father had been very ill.  The doctors had told the family that he was a very sick man.  So this gentleman went to Nashville to help take care of his father.  After staying with his father for several months, he came back “home” to Scott County.  He was only “home” for about a week and things happened that he became homeless.    

I was surprised by what I seen at the front door.  As he came inside he ask if we had a hat that he could wear.  He needed this because it was cold and he proceeded to tell me that he was now homeless.  As the tears ran down his face, I could see that he was a broken man.  He said that he had nowhere to go.  But he knew that if anyone could help him, it would be the people at the Center.  He was dirty, cold, hungry, and homeless and felt helpless.

He said that he needed a bus ticket back to Nashville and a ride to the bus terminal, which is in Knoxville.  Now that seemed like a lot to me.  But not for God.

We just began to love on this man and the Lord made things happen.  One of the young volunteers gave him a bible, as the tears ran down his face.  He said he knew that this was what he needed, the Lord!

As the man left the Center, walking we began to pray for him.  God is so good! 

About 10 minutes later, we received a phone call.  Another individual had seen this man walking, stopped and asked where he was going.  He said he needed to get to Knoxville to the bus terminal.  Well, it just happened that this individual was going to Knoxville! Praise the Lord!

Two days later I received a call from the man in mention.  He was in Nashville and all was well.  I know that he knew this gift came from the Lord.


January 2015

I would like to share this story about a precious woman who has been coming to the center for a little while now.  She has had gastric bypass surgery a couple of years ago.  This had to be done because of some health concerns.  Since the surgery she has had some concerning complications.  The last report that I have on her condition is that she has some fluid leaking into her stomach.  This fluid is around her stomach organs and the doctors are not sure where this fluid is coming from.  She will have an exploratory surgery this month.  She is requesting prayer.

As she asked me to pray for her about this surgery she went on to tell me how grateful she is for the Center.  She is grateful for all the people that have helped her, took the time to talk with her, and all the ones that have prayed with her and for her.  She feels that some of her prayer request have been answered and she is sure it was because of the prayers that we have helped her pray.  She says, “Since the first time I met all of you, I have had faith in you.”  She also said that she knows that we are praying for her.

I can see the Lord working in this woman’s life.  I can hear it in her testimony.  She shares what the Lord is doing for her with grateful, yet humble tears in her eyes. 

Stories like this are an encouragement to us all.  It reminds us to be prayer warriors.  It also lets us know that we are in the Lord’s Army!


February 2105

Late one night I received a telephone call from one of the Centers patients.  When I answered the phone I heard a voice on the other end that was in tears.  When I asked what was wrong she said, “Nothing was wrong.”  These were actually joyful tears.  She proceeded to tell me that the Lord had been with her all day! 

 This is the woman that I had talked about late last year.  She was depressed and felt hopeless.  She was the one who I thought wanted her life to end.  She had no family left and she felt very empty and alone.  She started coming to the Center just to fellowship and talk with us.  We would pray together. 

 She had an encounter that day with the Lord.  She couldn’t wait to share this with me.  She explained that she wanted to get back to church.  She could barely speak for the tears that she was crying.  She said, “I have had the Spirit with me all day!” 

I am thankful for this woman’s testimony.  What excitement and joy I felt.  Not too long before this, she was desperate and alone feeling helpless and hopeless.  Now she is sharing what the Lord has done for her!



February 2015 

One of the volunteers at the Center has recently started posting scripture in the lobby.  This scripture is placed where anyone that enters can read it.  The scripture changes each week with a theme for each month.  She has also made matching scripture notecards that reflect the verse of the week that is posted.  These notecards are available for anyone who would like to take them.  They are printed notecards that you could hang on your mirror in the bathroom to look at while you brush your teeth.  These cards could be hung on your refrigerator to look at while you cook.  They could be placed in your car, in your purse or just carried with you wherever you go.

One day a very young girl, who was about five years old seemed very interested in the scripture cards.  She came to the Center with her Grandmother.  Her Grandmother began to tell me that the girl’s father had recently returned home from Iraq and had been suffering from PTSD from the war.  The grandmother has been trying to take care of this little girl and her four siblings.   This has not been an easy task. 

The young girl asked if she could take one of the scripture cards home with her.  I said, “Yes I would love for you to have one.  What will you do with this scripture?”  As she took the scripture card she said she was going to take it home so that her and her family could read and memorize this verse.  The scripture card that she took that day read:  “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.  John 3:16


February 2015

I would love to share about our “Prayer Box”.  The Prayer Box that has so many prayer request inside, was made and brought to us by one of the ladies that volunteers here at the center.

Wow!  How this little box has opened so many doors to share about God, His Word, and His Son. People who come to the center are drawn to this box. They put their prayer request into the box and ask for prayer. The communication is totally opened up. It is a time to share God’s word.  To share what God can do.  To share about salvation.  This ministry has blessed us in so many ways.    What a blessing when someone returns and has a praise report or just knows that we have been praying for them and with them.


March 2015

Recently, a young lady came to the Center to do some community service hours.  She is a recovering addict who asked to do her service hours at the Center.  I could see God’s hand on this.  What an opportunity to share God’s word and what He has done in my life.  You see, she thinks that she is just doing her community service, but all the while we are getting to share God’s word with her.  We are getting to be an example to her, a mentor, and a safe place for her to get some stability in her life.

This is a very critical time for this young lady.  She needs to know that God has the answers for what she has been searching for.  Only God can fill what I call “The God Hole” in her heart.

One day while she was working, she looked down at the table and seen one of the scripture cards. The verse on the card was John 10: 10 “The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy:  I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.”  She asked if she could take this scripture card to take with her so she could be reminded of this daily, sometimes hourly, and sometimes just by the minute.

God gave us an armor to put on every day so that we would be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.  In this armor we have one offensive weapon, which is the Word of God.  This young lady has started her arsenal. 


April 2015

I would like to share with you about the presence of God at the Center. 

Recently we have had some people come to the Center to do volunteer work.  Some of these volunteers have had interest in the Center, others who are getting service hours for community or school.  We have been blessed to gain these volunteers.

Once a volunteer enters the door they can see God’s word everywhere.  Volunteers are unaware they are receiving and learning about God’s word. They believe they are just volunteering and earning community service hours, however God’s presence greets them when they walk into the door. It starts to become very evident that God is at work.

Here are some quotes from some of the volunteers:  

 “There is just something about this place that is indescribable”

“I know this is God’s place”

“This is the best place to volunteer”


May 2015

As I opened up the prayer box to read all of the prayer request for this week, I came across a prayer request that the Lord kept on my heart.  I would like to share this prayer request with you.  It read:

My name is_____, I could use all the prayer I can get.  My blood pressure is high.  But the under lying cause is spiritual, I believe.  I got very close to God, I had gone to Genesis (recovery program) in Lake City, TN and got very close to God.  I came back home and tried to witness to my ex-wife.  I relapsed and nearly died from an over dose.  I am clean today but I don’t have a relationship with God.  I try and try but He won’t answer me.  I had heaven handed to me and let it get away from me.  Now I am miserable all the time.  Please pray for me.  I’ve lost my family, my friends, everything, and just want to die.


 I read this prayer request and began to pray for him and ask others here to pray for him.  About a week later, the pastor from a local church began to meet with some men at the Center.  This was a “Connection” for men.  The gentleman that we had been praying for meet with the pastor and it has been life changing for him.  He has been attending church every time the doors are opened, getting involved with church members, reading his bible and building his relationship with the Lord. 

I have been blessed to see this transformation.  I thank God for this man and what He is doing in this man’s life.  Please remember him in your prayers.   


June 2015

A patient of the Clinic stopped by today to tell how grateful he is for the Center.  He said, “I want you to know how much I appreciate all that you have done for me.”  “Not just the things that you are able to physically provide for me but the friendships that have been built.”  “It is a great thing to be around good people that will pray for you.”  He also said that he knows that all good things come from the Lord. 

As I looked back at the time that we have spent with this gentleman, I have seen a wonderful transformation.  He has been a patient at the Clinic over a year now.  He has been assisted in purchasing his diabetic insulin and diabetic supply, as well as food from the food pantry.  He was very quiet and humble man.  He didn’t want to ask for the things that he needed.   As we began to work with him, he has begun to open up and share with us.  He often shares his gratitude with us about what is being done for him.  He knows the Lord is providing and the Center is the means.  He has been attending church and “trusting in the Lord”.   On his last visit to the Center he shared that he would soon be moving to another city in TN.  His wife has already moved and started employment.  This is an answered prayer that they both have been praying for some time now.  Halleluiah!

He said, “Without this place I don’t know what I would have done.”


July 2015


I recently asked one of the volunteers, “Is there any story that you would like to share with me about people being served at the Center?”  This is a couple of stories that have been on her heart.

She was touched by a young lady, who is a military wife, and she has seven, yes, seven children!  She has had to use the food pantry service a few times.  She has always shown such gratitude with anything that she has been given.  One month, she received her food, looked into her bag and said, “Yay!”  The following month she started giving back to the food pantry.  She brought in some baby food to give to other parents who were in need.  She said that she was very grateful for everything that the center has been able to help her with and this was her way of helping others.

The volunteers had another couple of ladies that have been on her mind and in her heart:

She told of two elderly, widowed women.  They both were very humbled by having to ask for help or any kind of assistance.  This was a first time experience for both of them.  Being served in the atmosphere of love just overwhelmed them both.  They both were given bibles and prayers were said with both of them.  They are both still being prayed for.


August 2015

Witnessing Volunteers

Being able to share the love of Jesus is just one of the blessings that I have the opportunity to do and witness others doing at the Center. 

During the month of July, a new volunteer was gained.  I have seen the increase of witnessing for the Lord! He has set an example for other volunteers.  They are now opening up more than ever.  What Joy!

On Tuesday he is continually inviting people to church as they come in for pantry assistance.  This is the service area where bibles are given to an individual the first time they use the service.  I began to notice that the increase of Bibles being given was great.  When I say GREAT, I mean about five times as many bibles are being given to people.  How awesome is that?!

On Wednesdays, he will sit in the lobby with the patients and talk about Jesus! He also has some personal tools and tracts that he has been seen giving to patients.  It is an awesome sight to be able to sit, listen and watch all this going on in the lobby. 

I want to share one of the stories that he has shared with me:  One late Tuesday afternoon, a young man walked into the center. He was there to use the food pantry service.   He began to tell some of his story.  He said that at this time he was homeless.  So, volunteers bagged him some food that he could eat without having to use electricity.  While the others bagged his food this volunteer began to talk to him about Jesus. He was given a bible and prayed for.  He was also given food. It was very hard to watch this young man walk away from the center with no home to go to.

But during the next few weeks the volunteer began to see this young man in town. The third time that he ran into the young man, he got him on the church bus and went to church.  Some seeds have been planted and this young man is being prayed for.  We all hope to share more about his story in the future.


September 2015

Eat Smart – Getting Your Family to the Table

Eat Smart classes are being offered and taught at the Center.  This is a “hands on” class developed to teach Healthy eating and meal planning on a fixed income or budget.  This class is held every Tuesday for six (6) weeks.  It consists of cooking and shopping tips as well as meal planning.  Participants receive a certificate from the University of Tennessee and gift incentives each week and each person who attends all six (6) weeks, receives a voucher for an extra visit to the food bank at the Center.  This class is taught by Teressa Honeycutt, TNCEP Program Assistant with the UT Agriculture Dept.

Teressa also volunteers at the Center and has a heart for the people that she is working with.  Teressa’s class is hosting patients that are diabetic.  She has seen the need for diabetic patients to get any type of assistance with food and educational resources to learn about their disease.

The first class began September 8, 2015.  The class was set up to host about ten people.  I am excited to say, “The class has been full.”  The people that got involved in the first class were patients of the clinic and others who were using the food pantry service.  Beginning next week, all of the participants will be patients at the Clinic.

Teressa has already noticed some positive life changes that some of her participants have made.

·         One participant has lost three pounds in three weeks

·         One participant has stopped drinking any kind of soda

·         Another has noticed her blood sugar levels dropping and becoming manageable

These positive changes have happened in the first three weeks of class!

Personally, I have noticed the excitement and the joy on each participant’s face as they arrive for the class.  Also, I get the joy of hearing what they have learned and what Teressa has shared with them.  I also get the opportunity to see the love of Christ flowing from her to them.