Student Volunteer Opps

We are excited to share our Student Volunteer Opportunities for SCCC. Our student volunteers are appreciated and valued.  We want to increase awareness and help students learn that simple acts of giving, caring, and sharing make a difference in the lives of others, especially the  less fortunate.  We believe strongly in the act of serving others.  For more information or to volunteer contact SCCC Volunteer Coordinator @ 423.569.2450 or

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Next Steps & Requirements:

  1. Contact SCCC Volunteer Coordinator @ 423.569.2450 or to discuss volunteer opportunities, placement, and scheduling.
  2. Complete Application.
  3. Reference form to be completed by adult supervisor, counselor, teacher, or authority figure.  Please fill out top portion, print and sign your name.  The reference form should be mailed back to SCCC in self-addressed envelope given to you, and sealed.
  4. If required, you will be notified of a time to complete SCCC volunteer paperwork and a brief orientation.
  5. Welcome!  You are a new SCCC Volunteer!